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We are a team of experts with deep industry knowledge combining startup spirit and years of experience in tech related projects. This ranges from IoT approaches to AI applications.

We all love tech. While there are always use cases to solve a real world problem, we also dive into technologies for the sake of pure curiosity. This brings us in the comfortable situation of having good fun while at the same time making the world a bit better.

We embrace change. It is not easy, but we are aware that everything is in a constant state of change. Accepting this, but also finding the right pace for innovation is crucial.

We love a challenge. Working together as a team on a project which leads to a shared vision becoming reality is our thing.

The future energy market will change dramatically. We create innovations as part of the green new energy world.


AMG Group

About AMG Critical Materials N.V.

AMG is a global critical materials company at the forefront of CO2 reduction trends. AMG produces highly engineered specialty metals and mineral products and provides related vacuum furnace systems and services to the transportation, infrastructure, energy, and specialty metals & chemicals end markets.

AMG Clean Energy Materials combines our recycling and mining operations producing materials for infrastructure and energy storage solutions while reducing the CO2 footprint of both suppliers and customers. Clean Energy Materials spans the vanadium, lithium, and tantalum value chains. AMG Critical Materials Technologies combines our leading vacuum furnace technology line with high-purity materials serving global leaders in the aerospace sector. AMG Critical Minerals consists of our mineral processing operations in antimony, graphite, and silicon metal.

With approximately 3,600 employees, AMG operates globally with production facilities in Germany, the United Kingdom, France, the United States, China, Mexico, Brazil, India, Sri Lanka, and Mozambique, and has sales and customer service offices Japan (www.amg–


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