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Companies need to adapt to the requirements of a changing energy market. We offer as a solution for this path large-scale hybrid energy storage systems (Hybrid ESS) with intelligent control.

LIVA is active in the B2B market for scalable energy storage systems that enable integrated and efficient energy management on the demand and supply side. This allows companies to reduce their energy costs and CO2 emissions.

LIVA Power Management Systems

Large scale energy storage systems

  • LIVA is active in the B2B market for large energy storage systems for demand and supply side power management to reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions
  • Managing the fluctuating power demand and power supply, integrating and shifting unsteady renewable energies (solar & wind)

Technical approach

  • High power unit (lithium-ion battery)
  • Energy storage unit (vanadium redox flow battery)
  • Software solution with artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Control system for multiple energy assets including power production, hydrogen, and process heat and cooling

Environmentally friendly battery

  • Low CO2 footprint of the energy storage system
  • Green mining strategy
  • No problematic raw materials
  • Fully closed recycling


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