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With our LIVA hybrid energy storage system and the AI-based energy management system, we enable energy to be managed more efficiently and renewable energies to be integrated into the energy supply. In doing so, we are paving the way for the energy transition for companies and helping to reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions. LIVA Power Management Systems is a subsidiary of AMG Critical Materials N.V., a pioneer in CO2 reduction.

Critical materials for a sustainable planet

AMG provides critical materials and related process technologies to enable a less carbon-intensive world. To this end, AMG focuses on the production and development of energy storage materials such as lithium, vanadium and tantalum. In addition, AMG's products include advanced systems for CO2 reduction in aerospace engines and critical materials for CO2 reduction in a variety of end-use markets.

Recycling instead of mining

AMG is the world's largest recycler of vanadium-containing refinery waste from petrochemical catalysts. High-purity vanadium is needed for the fast-growing industrial energy storage market. AMG's vanadium recycling strategy reduces CO2 emissions by up to 85% compared to conventional mining methods.


AMG endeavors to achieve the highest safety and environmental standards in all its production facilities and to produce materials that help its customers avoid negative environmental impacts. Protecting the environment is directly linked to our focus on sustainable development.


AMG’s stakeholders and the communities in which we operate are at the center of our business. Within our organization, we uphold our human rights principles by providing safe and healthy working conditions in a non-discriminatory environment.


At AMG, we recognize the importance of ensuring appropriate business ethics, regulatory compliance and risk management. AMG is in favor of good corporate governance with a focus on independence, accountability and transparency.


AMG is a global critical raw materials company at the forefront of CO2 reduction trends. AMG produces advanced specialty metals and alloys as well as mineral products. In addition, AMG develops process technologies and offers vacuum furnace systems and coating equipment as well as services for the end markets of transportation, infrastructure, energy, specialty metals and chemicals.


Our Sustainability Strategy

AMG is committed to minimising its overall impact on the environment and encourages its business units to continue driving innovative technologies to reduce CO2 emissions.


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