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Analysing and simulating power demand ​​​​​​

p7.analytic analyses a power demand curve and finds the optimal solution for the given problem or configuration. This can be a UPS requirement (uninterruptible power supply), for example for electricity for heating or cooling, for a hydrogen plant with electrolysers and fuel cells and for redox flow batteries. 

The simulation is also the data basis for p7.control, which shares the optimisation algorithm.

System specifications

System flexibility

Depending on the individual performance curve and other specific requirements of the customer, p7.analytic determines a customised system design with the most suitable technologies.

Using an economic framework, the software calculates and maximises the reliability and economic benefits of the energy management system.

Modelling of aging

p7.analytic takes into account all relevant technical and electrochemical properties of a storage technology. These include, for example, the fast charging and discharging capability (C-rate), the service life (cycle stability and calendar service life), temperature behaviour and the energy charging efficiency of a particular battery technology.

All of these factors are interdependent on other factors (depth of discharge/DoD, state of charge/SoC, state of health/SoH, temperature range), are linked to each other and are mapped in digital twins.


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