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Enabling the Energy Transition

Our LIVA system enables companies to achieve a successful energy transition, including better energy and power management, lower energy costs and reduced CO2 emissions.


Experts for energy storage systems

LIVA Power Management Systems, headquartered in Frankfurt am Main, specializes in the development and creation of complex industrial solutions with hybrid energy storage systems (Hybrid ESS) for industrial applications.


The LIVA Hybrid Energy Storage System

The LIVA Hybrid Energy Storage System (Hybrid ESS) for industrial applications helps companies to improve their energy and power management and thus reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions.

Solutions for a changing energy market

Demand for energy, and electricity in particular, is increasing worldwide, and companies must prepare for a profound change in the energy market. Three factors play a particular role in this: the rising demand for electricity with fluctuating energy costs, the increasing supply of decentralized renewable energies and rising costs for CO2 emissions.

We offer companies solutions for their energy transition – from analysis and consulting to product solutions. Our LIVA Hybrid Energy Storage System (Hybrid ESS) with intelligent control enables integrated and efficient energy management in the company.

The LIVA Hybrid Energy Storage System (Hybrid ESS)


The LIVA Hybrid Energy Storage System (Hybrid ESS) is designed for industrial use, offering companies a means to enhance their energy and power management. This results in lowered energy expenses and decreased CO2 emissions. The storage capacity of the Hybrid ESS can be easily adjusted to meet specific needs.

Industrial peak load reduction and energy management

From Tier 1 automotive suppliers with automated assembly lines to energy-intensive electric steel production: Our LIVA Hybrid ESS stands for active energy management with safeguarding of critical production processes and helps companies to reduce their energy costs. The storage capacity of the hybrid ESS can be scaled as required.

Advantages of the LIVA Hybrid ESS for industrial applications

In close consultation with the companies, we determine which utilization and which interaction will give them the greatest possible benefit from their investment:

  • Reduction of electricity and energy costs
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions
  • Industrial peak shaving: smoothing and management of fluctuating electricity consumption from the grid
  • Integration of fluctuating energy supply from locally generated renewable energies (solar and wind)
  • Strategies for sector coupling: Integration of hydrogen applications, process heating and cooling and charging stations for electric vehicles
  • Stabilization of the electricity grids

AMG Group

Part of a strong group

LIVA Power Management Systems is a part of the AMG Critical Materials N.V. which is a globally operating group for critical metals, mineral products and highly specialized vacuum furnace systems including related services with over 3,600 employees.


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